ProFire - A Firefox extension for profiles

Download here

Current Version - 3: Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

Created by Paul Spangler

What is it?

ProFire allows users to change profiles right from Firefox's menu. You can even create a new profile to view the page your on! Have a profile for gaming? Open the link to the game site in the profile just by right-clicking, without closing the other window!

How do I use it?

ProFire is very simple to use. After installing, on the File menu, you will find a menu to New Window Profile. Then simply choose to create a new profile or an existing one, and a new window will open.

On the tools menu you can find the Switch Profile menu. Here you can create a new profile or just choose an existing one. All of your tabs will be reopened with the new profile.

When you right-click a link, there will be a Open in New Profile menu. Once again, just select New Profile or an existing profile.

In the Works

Future versions will include a way to delete profiles from in Firefox. If anyone has another request, just email me at firefox (aT) spanglerco (dOt) com.